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New analog conditioning module for heat flux + temperature sensors
  •  2 high quality 24bit inputs for heat flux + temperature signals
  • 1 synchronisation digital input 
  • 1 0-10V or 4-20mA analog input for advanced functions
  • Two 0-10V analog outputs
  • Two digital outputs
  • Options for time-based window tests and customized sequences (mini PLC).


Dedicated to thermal control.

It is a complete system with multi-signal acquisition and signal processing programs with integrated outputs.

Viewing and programming by 3 lines LCD and two programming buttons, dropdown menu tree.

  • 4 heat flux or thermocouples J-K-T type , or up to 2 active sensors,
  • 4 0-10V or 4-20mA analog inputs with automatic detection, or digital inputs type NPN, PNP or floating,
  • 4 digital PNP inputs (shared with analog or PNP outputs).


  • 6 PID or hysteresis regulators,
  • Derivative and Zero Functions,
  • Target Temperature for radiative sensors,
  • Integrated  Multi-task Sequencers (max. 4).


  • 4 opto-coupled outputs adapted for alarm applications or regulation (modulated power MPW),
  • 2 analog outputs 4-20mA,
  • 2 digital PNP outputs.

Regulators are programmed internally.

  • Realtime processing of signals: low-pass filtering, derivative, phase advance.
  • PID or Hysteresis regulation based on available signals. Internal, Digital or Analog outputs.
  • Industrial communication protocol with compatible software or systems (RS-485).


Same functionnalities than aDDa-R+S, without advanced sequence programming nor screen. Ideal for data acquisition system or functionnal regulation or detection purposes (flow front, exotherm peak, end of cure detection.


Like aDDa-MM (aDvanced Data acquisition-Measure), aDDa-M uses 24bits A/D device and embed a C-programmed microcontroler.

Allow direct measurement of heat flux and temperature (J,K or T kind with integrated cold junction compensation).

Share the same RS 485 bus.

Version +O has one opto-coupled digital output for alarm or regulation purposes.